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Composer - Guitarist - Electronic Artist

Tywi J H Roberts, "Blodeuwedd" | UnSupErvised, FutureMusic #3

Tywi J H Roberts, "Blodeuwedd" | UnSupErvised, FutureMusic #3

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Born in 1986

From Wales, Great Britain

Tywi John Hywel Roberts has aimed to serve music since the age of 9

A rock guitarist from the age of 15

Training with Guitar Craft from the age of 19

Acquiring a Master's in Sonic Art and Digital Media Production at the age of 22

Composing for acoustic and electronic instruments from the beginning until today

Working towards PhD in composition at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester

Researching the area of music for hybrid ensembles of acoustic and digital performers

Artistic Director of UNHEARD since 2020

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